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At Cut Right Tree Service in Chattanooga, TN – the owner, Alex Rosser has been working in the tree removal industry for over 25 years. At 18 years old he began working in line clearing with Davey Tree. It wasn’t long before he was working for independent tree services and learning to climb, rope, and fell trees of all sizes and types. He worked dutifully under the tutelage of several experienced and well-known tree contractors around the Chattanooga area. A natural entrepreneur, he broke out on his own in his 20’s and has been working in and around Chattanooga doing tree work by hand as well as with heavy equipment for the last twenty-five years. At the helm of Cut Right Tree Service, Alex now leads a full crew, a fleet of heavy equipment and a sales team.

Cut Right Tree Service has the experience and the know-how to take care of your tree removal needs as well as pruning, land clearing, crane work, and land maintenance. Alex and his team look forward to being of service to YOU and ALL your property needs.

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